Bacteria and Me Coloriong Book

Completed in 2022, Aedan illustrated the pages of a coloring book all about bacteria, written by microbiologist Tiffany Harris. The 40+ pages of illustrated drawings incorporate many informative details about the microbiology topics with a detailed canvas for the reader to color.

The coloring book is aimed towards adults, but all ages will enjoy coloring bacteria! All the pages of the book can be downloaded (for free!), or a bound copy of the book can be purchased from Amazon.

This project was supported through the Marie Christine Kohler Fellowship, which supports art and science graduate students at UW-Madison’s Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID).The Marie Christine Kohler Fellows program is designed to build a meaningful bridge between science and art. The students who are selected for the program demonstrate acute skills in their field of study and a strong potential to achieve a meaningful science-art fusion project. The Kohler Fellows supports the Wisconsin Idea, and WID’s efforts towards antiracism, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (AJEDI) in the sciences and arts.Special thanks to the Kohler Foundation, Inc. for their years of support to the fellowship.Additional gratitude goes out to Jan and Hank O’Neil for their support to the 2021-2022 cohort.

Digital illustration. 2022

Example pages from the book:

Deinococcus radiodurans
Escherichia coli
Esther Lederberg
June Almeida
Salmonella enterica

Author Tiffany Harris and Aedan promoting the book at the 2022 Science Expeditions event in Madison, WI