Ink drawing of Rachel Carson, marine biologist and conservationist


Interested in both physics and art, Aedan aims to combine both fields together. Specifically, he works towards promoting diversity in the sciences. He has focused much of his artwork on celebrating women and under-respresented scientists, inventors, engineers, and mathematicians. He works in two-dimensions, using media ranging from ink, paint, chalk, or ketchup. 

Working from Madison, Wisconsin, Aedan is finishing his doctorate program in physics and will graduate May 2023. As he takes the next step a science career, he still finds time to make art outside the laboratory. He has been able to participate in many opportunities around the midwest, like being a Kohler Fellow through the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, showing art in local art galleries in the Fox River Valley and Beloit, and exhibit three times in ArtPrize, held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.